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Many thanks to Zac Marshall for organizing this event in the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds.

I left Croydon at 7:00am, in the rain, and made good time arriving in the sunshine at 9:00am not bad for approximately 130 miles.

Zac gave us route to follow in the morning and it was cool to drive around the Cotswolds in a convoy of Jensens and watch peoples reactions, some got further than others and I got lost.

We got back and all trooped over to the local pub where Zac had arranged food. After lunch it was free time until every one could meet up for cream tea at 4:30pm. I'm afraid I looked around the village for a bit and then decided to make the treck home early to miss the heavy traffic that you get on the M25 stretch.

Below are some of the pictures I took, the usual just click on the small image to see the large one.

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