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Out with the Lotus in with the Rover

2.0ltr inline 4 a pair of twin 40 Dellortos

jh_lotus1.gif (27394 bytes)

3.5ltr V8 Offenhauser dual plane manifold & 465cfm 4 Barrell Holley

jh_v8.gif (28008 bytes)

Both engines sit nicely behind the front axle

jh_lotus.gif (27220 bytes)

The V8 is alloy and weighs only a little more

 jh_v8_1.gif (28405 bytes)

The Lotus was mated to the 4 speed gearbox

jh_lotus2.gif (28407 bytes)

The V8 is mated to its 5 speed gearbox. Cable out hydraulic in

jh_v8_2.gif (27562 bytes)
The V8 looks at home in the engine bay of the Healey and from the outside no difference is apparent. There is only a few pounds difference in the engine weights so no suspension changes were necessary.
jh_int1.gif (27066 bytes)
A minor change for the interior is needed, you lose the ash tray, as the Rover gear lever comes through a inch or two further back, but as it is not cranked like the Chrysler one the knob ends up in the same position to hand. (2002) The interior has been modified now.
jh_int3.gif (16739 bytes)
The larger Rover radiater is used instead of the Healey one and this bolts nicely to the front cross member. Also an electric fan has to be fitted as there is no room for a mechanical fan with the standard long nosed water pump housing.

The drive shaft was re-fabricated to meet the new gearbox and is still a one piece. The exhaust was made up from Range Rover down pipes as they drop straight down (SD1 manifolds rake back and can't be used) mated to made up twin pipes going back to a standard stainless steel Healey twin box. No other silencers are required. This gives discreet idle and calm driving sound but when the car is revved or driven hard the noise is a beautiful V8 throaty roar with a racey snarl on drop off.

Both the rev counter and speedo have to be sorted. The rev counter needs to have new modern components to deal with the powerful electonic ignition generator and the speedo needs re-calibration for the new gear box.

Really very little cutting or remodification is needed to make the change and the job was completed in two weeks while work was done on other cars.

All in all, to me, it seems as if the Jensen Healey was always built to receive an engine like this, its got the right sound, plenty of torque at low revs, reliability and almost limitless tuning capability. The next step for me is a hot cam.
A Viper Hurricane fast road cam from Real Steel.

To improve the handling I installed AVO gas 22 point adjustable shocks and 25% stiffer springs all round. The braking system seems adequate apart from the pedal having to be depressed more after spells of heavy use.

If you feel like a change and are in the UK I had the convertion done by:-

Tick Over
174 The Broadway
Tel: 020 8298 1995
Speak to Angus Tick

Oh and I finally sorted out the wheels, I stripped them back to the alloy but I still have to have them professionally polished.