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Too many rust holes and patching up for MOTs. Funnily enough the car had suffered mostly from being laid up each winter in my garage. It was probably the oldest car that was not Tax Exempt and I just didn't have the money to run it through the winter.
Then I came into some money and thought "Right let's get this car restored". I approached several "specialists" and even though I said I had a budget of around 10,000 they wouldn't even come and look at the car to give an estimate. They must be rolling in work because the general response was total indifference!

So I eventually got hold of a "back street" body guy who came to look and give me an estimate. He was cheap and said he would do this price if I was prepared to wait while he did other repair work around my project, this was fine as the "Specialists" all said they wouldn't even take my car for over a year.
I knew I was taking a big risk, but as there weren't many alternatives, I decided to proceed.
Next step place a big order for parts from David Booth. Front and back wings, inner wings, floor pans, boot lid and brake calipers.
Then get a tow company to take the Healey to my guy's garage.

All went reasonably well to start with but after about nine months my guy dissapeared from the garage he was at along with my car. After about a months worth of frantically trying I finally tracked him down to a small lockup and work seemd to be contuing on the car at an admittedly slower pace. Then about three months later he dissapeared again and I just could not get hold of him. I'm thinking how do I go forward, can you report your car stolen if you gave the guy the car?! It must have been a couple of months before I was finally rewarded with some contact and it transpired he had left the country for family reasons and had visa problems in returning. He had contacted some other guys and asked them to finish the restoration and it was they who contacted me.
Well long story short they finally completed the car, the whole process took about two years. They did not put the car back together correctly but I don't blame them too much as they got the car stripped down and in boxes.

So finally I got my car back and started the process of fixing all the bits that had been bodged and replacing bits that had been lost.
I certainly would not recommend having your car restored this way but in the end luckily it turned out OK.