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There is another way to replace the outer sills than removing front and rear wings and cross bracing the door apertures.
As my inner body panels, where the front wings attach, were heavily patched up I decided it would be better to go this second route.

I bought stainless steel outer sills from Rejen and dropped them off to the garage carrying out the work.

First the old outer sill is cut away along with the bottom sections of each wing. Handling the wings carefully as these will be welded back afterwards. The extent of corrosion to the inner panels can be inspected. Fortunately the inner panels on my car were not beyond repair.

New metal is riveted and spot welded to repair areas of the inner panels where required. As you can see following this method you keep the doors attached and closed maintaining the structural integrity which is normally done by making up and welding cross pieces if all panels were removed.

The stainless steel sills are now offered up and spot welded. Don't expect the replacement panels to fit perfectly, no panels I've ever replaced anywhere on the car have, on my car the sills were just over a centimetre longer than the originals. 

When all repairs and the sills are welded in place the sections removed from the wings can be welded back in place. The seams sanded and finished ready for repainting. 

The sills were handled carefully during the process as the plan was always to leave them bare and polished. Rather than try and match the original Brienz Blue, as it is a metallic paint, the car was painted silver over the affected areas. One day I plan to have the car completely re-sprayed so this will do until then.